Monday, August 15, 2005

Paganism/Wicca; My views

First of all, let me address something that bothers me very much about not just this community, but all religions in general. "I'm right and you're not". WHY? Aren't we all individuals and don't we all have the desire for our own versions to be correct in our lives? Even the most perfect person can only be that way in their own life. Even they cannot tell another how to live, what to believe, and how to act. We can take examples from others to form our perceptions around, but doesn't it all come down to the fact that no one else can get inside our brains, our experiences and tell us what works for us individually? Think long and hard about these things.

Paganism/Wicca --- these are my views alone.
The earth is my Mother, the sky my Father, the rain and sun my Life Force, the vegetation and animals my Brothers and Sisters, the Universe my Teacher.
Ritual----candles, incense, herbs, the cauldron, the athame, stones and crystals, being "skyclad", the magick of the Elementals, flowers, Universal Energy, Ancestral aid, gods and goddesses.....myself as the center and receiver of all positve energy to change my life for the better, helping others through Magick, Tarot, Touch, if they request it (no, I do not do love spells---for you should never try to control another).
Being Open Minded, Non-Judgemental (except to mean people and pediphiles and rapists)
Trusting everyone, being friendly to everyone until they hurt me....then I simpley let them live their lives without my friendship and help. Soiunds egotisticle, but just a way for me to protect myself.
Not worrying about what everyone else thinks.....this works for me in my life....yes, it is that simple.
Yes, Nature can be cruel, but not just is what it is. The cat Will tease and kill the mouse....the porcupine Will chew on the tree until the tree is ruined....animals get rabies or other killling diseases...floods do happen....people are killed.
Did you ever think that Nature is this way for a reason. People say they have to cull the deer population because there are too many.....maybe there are too many people who have killed the natural preditors.....maybe there are too many people PERIOD. Disease is Nature's way of 'culling the herd'---people are part of Nature----disease kills people---HMMMM. Now there is something to contemplate!!
It is sad when someone we love dies, but I do not believe that our energy, our life force, our "soul" ends with death. Now maybe that is just a carry over from my Christian upbringing, but I do believe that everything has a certain amount of energy that continues and, perhaps, is reincarnated.
Gods and Goddesses----they would be nothing without someone believing in them. But, the more energy that is put into a god or goddess, the stronger they become, whether it is positve or negative energy values placed upon them. We make them what we believe them to be.
WORDS MATTER---EVERYTHING you say, EVERYTHING you do has consequences. Give a child a dirty look and see how you change that childs attitude. Give a child a hug and see how they respond. Treat an animal with respect and see just how intelligent they can become (actually they are very intelligent, people don't give them the credit due), constantly berate an animal and see how cowardly or mean they become, cut down a tree and see how many insects and birds you harm.

No I am not a vegetarian! Why? Because I cannot live without meat, but then again maybe I should have died years ago. My views on using animals for food. Raise them yourself or buy free range meat. Treat the animal with respect and give them the best life you can give them. Kill humanely!!! Thank the animal's spirit for sustaining your life.
It is all Nature's way of controlling earth and the beings who live here.
PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPERIOR TO ANIMALS OR NATURE!!! We must all live together on this planet. The Native Americans had it right--we do not own the Earth, we are part of the Earth---if we decimate other species, we will be destroying ourselves.
......more views on Pagainism/Wicca to follow soon......

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