Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Recent Events

My heart goes out to the people of southern Louisiana, Mississippi and others effected by Katrina. I may sound callus sometimes about life in general, but have been through enough to feel empathy for others.I understand how it is to lose your home and all your possesions, having unexpected death in the family, and having no place to live but the street.
I recently lost respect for a close friend when she said, "They chose to live there, so I don't lose any sleep over it." What a heartless thing to say!
I do not have any money, no fuel to get to the south to help, but I want anyone who was effected to know there are many people who cry for them, feel their pain, and get angry at the beurocrats who did not take action.
Today is the 10th day after the hurricane and there are still people who need help. I applaud the "big name" people who have the resources and are using them to help. Not only are they giving support, but financial aid and are bringing food and supplies to those in need. Oprah Winfrey, while not the first, is certainly in the running for "saint". While polliticians talk and discuss who is to blame, people are still dying.
This is supposed to be the "FREE" country, the "best" country.....being an American citizen right now makes me ashamed at our so-called leaders. Bush doesn't watch T.V. or read newspapers, yet says everything is getting better and being taken care of. He was born into a rich family, has never had to scrounge for anything and took his sweet time going to the devestated sites.....he is so out of touch with reality that I believe he lives in his own fairy tale world where everyone has everything they need and can afford anything they want. COME LIVE WITH ME FOR A MONTH, MR PRESIDENT. I'LL SHOW YOU HOW MANY AMERICANS REALLY LIVE!!! You should be ashamed, George Bush. Take responsibility! You are supposed to be the "Leader", yet you know NOTHING of what it's like to live without a home, food, water, afraid of rape, injury, lose. You are supposed to be an adult, yet don't get in touch with reality.
SHAME ON YOU!!! YOu pat the director of F.E.M.A on the back and say "you're doing a great job" when he won't take responsibility either. I heard a news reporter quote that so-called director saying, "They didn't ask for help through the right channels in a timely fashion." SO WHAT!!! People were dying, drowning, with no leadership. Weren't he and his people supposed to step in right away and direct the efforts??? If not, who??? There was no electricity, no in hell were they supposed to call and ask??? Bureaucratic BULLSHIT!!!

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