Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Staying Here

Man, it sure is hard staying in Wisconsin for the winter. Can't wait till we get the bus fixed or spring comes.
It seems like we've been sick or ailing for much of December and into January. I guess being in this cold, changable weather and not being used to winter, is taking it's toll on us.
It is nice being this close to the "kids" for the holidays, though. We did the whole exchanging gifts thing, had a tree (fake of course, because I'm allergic to pine), baking cookies, and celebrating New Year's Eve.
Now comes long, boring January.
At least we can get wireless internet here and fill much of our time "surfing", playing games on-line, and watching TV. I help the "girls" with their housework and cook and bake sometimes.
Thank goodness, though, we can get away and into the bus. Family is wonderful, but trying at times. It's so nice to have our privacy, too. When we're all in the house, there are seven of us.....we've gotten so used to it just being Alan and me and the cats.

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