Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bus For Sale

FOR SALE:(pictures available)
Completely remodeled 1990 Bluebird TC/2000, converted from a working school bus (not an Bluebird RV). Have lived in this bus for two years, but buying a bigger bus. This one has traveled, with no problems, to the Southwest United States, twice from northern Wisconsin. We have boondocked throughout the winters and made it very nicely on just 12-volt. Since it was run as a northern Wisconsin school bus, it is well insulated. Steel frame, very sturdy. It has done very well over the mountains.
Automatic transmission - 4 speed; 6BT5.9 220 Cummins deisel engine; new water pump; new brakes; new air pods for air brakes; well cared for by company that bought the bus new. Owners have taken the bus back to the original owner for work and service, as they know the bus. Six 10 x 22.5 tires. Can use 11 x 22.5 tires.
Running lights along length of bus.
Original manuals on bus, engine, and transmission.
Bike racks on front and back of bus.
Trailer hitch.
Multi-fuel engine for easy conversion to vegetable oil.

Hardwood pieces put in by hand. Floor is 2" thick with reinforced steel underneath.

Large food cabinet -- 3 shelves, 26" deep X 32" wide X 19"high each plus two smaller shelves in back of two of the shelves (12"deep X 32"wide X 6"high); plus some storage underneath
Smaller food cabinet with cooler: 2 shelves 16"wide X 26" deep X 15" high; plus one taller shelf with cooler 16"wide X 26"deep X 27" high; cooler holds 20 lbs. of ice for 3 to 5 days.
Cupboards on each side of kitchen: one over table, the other over sink area. Cupboard on table side: upper has doors, lowers are open...a total of 45"high X 6' 2" long. Cupboard above sink is 6' 2" long X 15" high, with a few smaller shelves underneath, plus a built in microwave. Storage under sink, plus three drawers and a fourth area for storage under drawers (5 1/2'wide X 24" deep X 35" high). Built in pull-out bread board.
Sink is a two well aluminum built into cupboard. Water is pumped from two 55-gallon barrels under the bed via a 12-volt pump. Seperate gray water tank under bus - 15 gallons. Solar hot water.
Two to four person table and benches. Two large drawers under each bench, plus more storage under back bench.
Small furnace (propane), works on 12-volt or 110-volts, with a small storage area above it.
Apartment size 4-burner stove, oven, broiler (propane). Built in lid storage shelf and a canister set shelf above the stove, plus pot hooks.
Norcold 3-way refrigerator (110-volt, 12-volt, propane) connected directly to batteries. Inside dimensions:15" X 17 1/2" X 13"
Haier 110-volt refrigerator: 4 1/2 cubic feet. Has a small freezer at the top.
Wood paneling throughout.

Book shelves above each couch: right - 6 1/2 feet long by 12 inches; left - 8 1/2 feet by 12 inches.

Two couches (6' 3" X 23") in living room (each pulls out almost double for extra sleeping areas) with storage under each.
Three deep cycle batteries under one couch for 12-volt current, with 12-volt converter and charger. These connect through a switch to the bus battery for easy charging while the bus is in operation. Also, 50' 110-volt power cord stored under couch. Plus,
500-watt inverter, carries T.V, DVD player, VCR, fans, and lights.
25" color television set on corner shelf with storage underneath.
Plant table on other side with small storage area underneath.
One swivel captain's chair with seat belt.
Drivers area: captain's chair with seat belt.
Wood paneling throughout.

Small bathtub, solar shower, toilet with holding tank, several shelves, privacy door. Solar hot water. Paneled with an ivy pattern.

Queen size bed (mattress) built in with lots of storage underneath (besides the water barrels). Step up to bed. Five drawer dresser. High TV table with storage underneath, small color TV connected to VCR in front. Shelves at the head of the bed.

All you need to make this your home are personal items, food, and pots and pans.

I have written about this bus and our lives on it at:
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