Thursday, October 27, 2005

On the Road Again

Next week will be the beginning of a new adventure. We will be taking the Big Purple Dragon Manor on the road again. The man wants to go different places to stay, but I kind of like the place we stayed last year....the desert near Lake Mead. The coyotes, lynx, jackrabbits, and roadrunners were our companions. The air was clean and sweet. The lake was cold, but we did take a dip. And some of the other campers were friendly enough to have a meal with and talk.

This year he wants to try the campground near Mesquite or some where up in the mountains. I'm not too sure, but as a life adventurer, I guess we should try something different.

The one thing we do agree on though, is going back to Mesquite to the Oasis Hotel and Casino. Great buffet!!! And fun, cheap, penny slots. We actually have a coupon for two free nights in the hotel, so we may just let the cats have the bus for a day or two, and pamper ourselves. Although, I love sleeping in the bus with all my familiar things and my babies curled up next to me. We'll see.

We've been drying so much food this summer that I think we have enough now to last us, at least, five months. As long as we can get water, we're in pretty good shape. So we will be able to spend a few weeks at a time out in the desert and just enjoy the peace and Nature.

If anyone ever has the chance to go down below St. George, Utah, and drive through the Virgin River canyon, please take the time to do so. If you are as enamored with rocks and cactus as I am, this is the place to stop and just look around. Warning: Don't touch the cactus...they are protected and very beautiful and happy right where they are. You may just see some mountain goats along the way. When we drove truck, we used to love being able to go to California, because it meant we got to go through the canyon again. It's slow going, windy, and very curvy, but a sight you'll never forget.

We do love to travel, meet new people, see new things (especially rock formations), and find out the energies of certain places. Being Pagan causes a few inconveniences, as people have funny reactions to us: fear, disgust, prejudice, anger, or recognition. This was true while we were driving truck and it is still true today. But, being "out of the broom closet" Pagans/Witches, we would just as soon be able to discuss our beliefs, or at least alleviate their distrust and the myths, than just have someone shun us out of ignorance.We are friendly, mature adults and will be happy to answer questions or just talk, as long as its a two way street and not just someone trying to "preach". We've made our decisions on many years of study, not on the spur of the moment or going along with a "fad".. Respect us and we'll respect you.

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